Tiddly Inks Challenge

This afternoon I had a bit of time to myself, so I decided to spend a little while getting used to the Portrait.  I had a certain card style in mind for the current Tiddly Inks Challenge, but I wasn’t quite sure how to go about it!  Armed with the internet and the manual, I  to get got back to basics!  I’m not good at learning new skills; I wish I could just sit back and enjoy the steep learning curve, but I am not very patient and just want to race ahead and make my imaginings happen!  Thankfully, the card didn’t take too long to work out – I managed to weld and cut letters out of the card and then mount a glitter copy over the offset outline. 🙂2013-09-16 07.49.46

The stamp is called “Whatcha Doing” from Tiddly Inks.  There’s such a wide choice of cute characters that I had a tough time picking just one – but this was my final choice as I wanted to make the character look like she’s holding the word “thanks”.  I don’t think it’ll be long before I’m back to the store to add to my growing stash of digis!

I thought at this point that I was on the home stretch…I hadn’t figured that shading blond hair was not on of my strong points!!!  Still, the fifth(!) attempt wasn’t toooooo bad, if you bear in mind that I only discovered the markers a couple of weeks back!  I added a little red and white baker’s twine to the top half of the card and sat back to admire a whole afternoon’s work!  Hopefully, I’ll get quicker with the Silhouette and the shading as time goes on….

Thanks for reading x


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