Keepsake trinket

As you may already know if you’ve read some of my other posts, my niece is turning 18 on Saturday.  Along with her main present, I wanted to give her a token or memento as a keepsake.  I still have most of the cards, gift tags and other little bits from my 18th, 21st, wedding day and even the births of my children; I love looking through them almost as much as looking through old photos!  She has mainly asked for vouchers on her birthday wish list, but I just wanted her to have a little something to open on the day – jewellery was not an option as she doesn’t really wear any; I thought about a photo frame or album, but couldn’t find anything that was just right in the short time I had left myself to get it all sorted… Then I had an idea!  Sitting in my craft cupboard, just waiting for me, were some plain ceramic stars I recently ordered from a craft supplier.2013-09-20 16.46.18 I have previously coloured these with my Papermania brush pens – the result was great, but not quite what I had in mind for today’s project.  So, instead, I lightly drew in pencil around the edge of the star and then went over the line with Silver Stickles!  I added another line just inside the first and went over that line with Crystal Stickles and added a few dots of both colours.  I repeated this for the “18” in the centre and left it to dry. 2013-09-20 11.27.10 I then turned it over and repeated the pattern on reverse.  Once the Stickles was totally dry, I added her name and the date using the fine tip of my black Papermania pen. 2013-09-20 16.27.49 A little piece of co-ordinating ribbon tied through the centre hole was the final touch.2013-09-20 16.27.09 I did make one really critical discovery whilst making this keepsake today……a hairdryer on a cool setting makes drying Stickles a much quicker job!! Thanks for reading x

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