A Little Sparkly Upcycling!

Upcycling is not something I do regularly…in fact, I can’t often imagine an item other than how it is already (if you know what I mean…!).  However, today an upcycling project became a necessity – you see, it is a very good friend’s birthday, and although I have a gift and the card was made ages ago, I forgot to get a gift bag or box! Oops…

sparkly shoebox close

So, a shoe box that I had squirreled away until I found a use for it, was re-born as a sparkly giftbox this afternoon!  It didn’t take long, was remarkably painless, an I am really pleased with the end result 🙂sparkly shoebox flower
sparkly shoebox inside

All it took was a shoebox, some Mod Podge, sparkly wrapping paper and ribbon and a 3D flower to decorate!  I might even try it again one day….


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